High-quality log houses for you

We produce log houses: round turning, rectangular milling, and handmade Norwegian type. We can adapt to each client's needs. Logs used to build log houses are made of pine.

 A log house is a high quality, healthy and durable product that is pleasant and good to live in.

We perform complex works: foundation, constructing log walls, roofing of all main types, chimney masonry, wall painting, terrace installation, and other works. We would like to emphasize that every element of the log house is done slightly differently than for brick or frame houses because the log house sits and the roof changes the angle. As a result, knowledge of complex works is essential for the construction and installation of a log house.

We draw a custom project with 3D visualizations for each client. If you have your own project, we redraw and make constructive recommendations (if any) and make 3D models at no extra cost. In this way, we delve into every detail of your future home.

We carry out all work with the help of our JSC "Pušinis namai" employees. We do not practice subcontracting. This way we can ensure and control the quality and timeliness of the work we do.

We produce log walls and other construction timber in our factories in the South part of Lithuania, Merkinė town, Vilniaus st. 77. In this way, we ensure the quality of the wood.

You can choose from our log home projects in the project section.

Log house - a great choice

Log house and its construction is not an easy and simple process for the average person who has nothing to do with construction. This includes many elements, both in the production process and in the assembly process of the house itself at the construction site, and is greatly influenced by the materials used and the construction technology used during the construction of the house. Many questions may arise: why does such a house cost so much and the price is completely different elsewhere? Why is the appearance of the house so different after a few years? How long does it take to build such a house? What logs will be used and what will the price depend on?

It is best to answer all your questions before choosing a home builder, as it may be too late to start thinking during the construction process. Meanwhile, ill-considered solutions can be expensive in the future, the house will be poorly assembled and constructed, there will be a manufacturing and workmanship defect, investment in repairs will be required. Therefore, it is best to know all the answers first and then decide on the construction of the house.

If you have any questions regarding log homes, please contact us and we will clarify any issues and concerns you may have. Also, read the tips in the helpful information section of www.pusinisnamas.lt.

If you are determined and determined to have a log house sprout on your site, then the next step is project selection. Once you have decided on a project, we will provide you with an accurate estimate of the materials and scope of work.

In case of additional questions, we advise our clients and advise on how to better solve various situations in order to keep the client satisfied.

How do I choose the manufacturers of the house?

Although there are a number of log home manufacturers on the market today, the quality and professionalism of the work and production must be a major consideration. We would suggest choosing a manufacturer to go and see the work already done, the log houses built, which is the best way to check the quality.

We have a reputation in the market for the professionalism of our work and the quality of our products, so we can build and build a very durable house for our customers that will delight their owners with their eco-friendliness, naturalness and warmth for years. We hope that a new log house will start sprouting in your country soon!