Roof for log houses

Before discussing the main roofing materials commonly used for log house roofs, one should know the peculiarities of log house roof construction. We would like to emphasize that log houses are built with sliding systems. This way the weight is distributed evenly across the walls of the house. As the log home sits, the roof angle changes slightly.

The log house architecture is rather conservative. Roofs are no exception. Simple roofs with two or four slopes are usually used. However, an interesting roof can give an unconventional style to a log home.

Recently, the choice of roofing materials has been quite diverse. Each has its own characteristics and "rumors". In recent times of rapid technological development, many "rumors" remain. At JSC "Pušinis namai" we work with all types of standard roofing materials and we can say that there are good and reliable manufacturers of each type of roof. Just choosing a roof involves choosing well-known manufacturers, even if they are a few percents more expensive than uncertain competitors.

We will discuss the main types of roof:


skarda elegantskarda classicSteel roofing (tin roof).

  1. Quite popular type of roofs in Lithuania. Divided into 2 main types by shape - corrugated tile and classic profile sheets. The main advantage of this coating is its quick installation and good price. Steel roofs were some of the cheapest a few years ago, but in recent years, steel prices have risen sharply and the price has rivaled other cheaper roofing materials. The disadvantage of roofing - when it rains heavily, it makes a big sound when the rain hits the pavement. Therefore, we recommend to insulate the attic floor with a thicker layer of insulation material. Then, when it rains, the sound is less audible inside. We cooperate with JSC "Borgalita" (better known as "Borga"), which produces steel roofing and rain drainage systems.



Asbestos-free sheets (Slate). Soviet slate sheets were harmful and contained asbestos. Modern sheets do not contain harmful substances for human health. This roofing is often used due to its relatively easy installation and attractive price. In addition, the sheets are elastic and durable. Asbestos sheets are usually similar in shape but differ in size. Large sheets can be up to 2 times cheaper than small sheets. Sheets are also produced in Lithuania. One of the most popular and well-known products is the Eternit brand.

bitumas 2

Bituminous shingles. This roofing is popular with customers who want an unconventional roof. Exclusivity of tiles - the roof is smooth. The installation is a bit more complicated as the construction has to be particularly smooth and the OSB boards are additionally used. The cost of both the works and the materials is slightly higher than the above mentioned roofing materials. The well-known and reliable JSC Mida company, which produces bituminous roof coatings in Lithuania.

betonines 2Concrete tiles. The most popular roofing for log houses. The main advantage is that the tiles are heavy compared to other roof coverings, which helps the log house sit more nicely. The price of concrete tiles is only slightly higher than the above mentioned roofing materials. The main advantage of tiles is their solid, luxurious appearance. In general, logs, tiles, fireplace - this creates the specific spirit of a log home. Tile is one of the most durable roofing materials. The disadvantage of concrete shingles is the relatively limited variety of shingles and colors, so if you want something very exclusive, you may not find the concrete shingles you want. We cooperate with concrete and ceramic tile manufacturer JSC "Monier".



Ceramic tile roof. If you want to have a truly unique and unique roof, then ceramic tiles will suit you perfectly. If concrete tile types can be counted on the fingers of fingers, we would find different types of ceramic tile in Lithuania close to 100. Ceramic tile architectural style ranges from ancient rough type tile used to cover the roofs of ancient churches to modern level tile. Everyone will find what you want. All other features like durability, durability, color palette, tile coating are excellent. The only minus is the price. This type of roofing is the most expensive of the standard coatings.



Exotic roofs. To give the house a more archaic feel, the roof can be covered with reeds or shingles. UAB "Pušinis namai" does not carry out this work ourselves, but we can recommend our colleagues.